What is Family of Choice Coaching

Choice coaching is a specific approach to coach training and when combined with Family of Choice coach training it goes beyond the traditional coaching model and extends mentoring to the development of family support by offering a healing community.

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Creating Families by Choice

Families are sometimes created out of necessity, but most importantly by choice.  The traditional definition of the nuclear family is not as common as in previous generations.  We have seen an increase in single parent homes across all cultures and socio-economic groups.  Many children grow up in the foster care system and never consistently experience the loving care of a family.  Children who grow up with a father in the home stand a better chance of completing high school, and of developing a higher degree of intelligence.

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The New Definition of Family

There are community organizations that offer mentoring but no one organization can address all the apparent need.  Family of Choice exists to promote a new definition of family by promoting values that reflect current cultural changes.  Since culture is forever changing and growing; values change with it.  Family of Choice reaches its international mission by expanding the boundaries of color, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.  The mission is to reach beyond community limits and connect to a higher position that allows its participants to experience a broader view and support system.  It is based on the concept of integrity and the importance of individual contribution.

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Family of Choice International

Family of choice has a goal of promoting values that allow resiliency to develop.  Resiliency is also sometimes born out of necessity; modeling the skills that create resiliency is one means by which it can be taug the t.  Offering opportunity to rise above impoverished communities and conditions is another start line for promoting resiliency.  Validating another human being and confirming they are worth-while plants the seed for resiliency to grow.  Offering support and a creative guiding environment can open the door to resiliency.

Acceptance, forgiveness, and love are the keys to over-coming feelings of abandonment. Family of Choice illuminates the path so that the individual does not feel alone, and forced by fear.  In resolving abandonment issues, emotional space is created to align and choose healthier core values.  Life’s journey can handle a change in course and a new path can be chosen.

Creativity comes in many directions and is a powerful energy and motivating force.  Creative expression may allow the individual to resolve loss, trauma, and hurt.  It can assist in restoring personal integrity and authenticity.  Being the unique individual we were put on this earth to be is our greatest gift in life.  At times, losses, hurt, and trauma prevent true expression from surfacing.  Family of Choice serves to life the individual out of the darkness and into the light so they may shine to their fullest potential.  Realizing our fullest potential in life empowers us to pursue with confidence that which we were put on this earth to achieve.  Regardless of color, ethnicity, or socio-economic status connecting to our core-identity gives us the freedom to choose without fear.

The highest mission of Family of Choice is to connect individuals to rise above fear in effort to create an opportunity to authentically develop the self and to experience a healthy family.  The goal of developing resiliency only occurs by being generous in spirit and giving back so that others may grow.  In so doing, family heals community, and community expands and reaches further and higher.  As the say goes, it takes a community to raise a child; however, in this case our communities may be in a stage of childhood development that requires healing and nurturance.  Perhaps not everyone comprehends the need to heal our families and communities but divorce rates, crime rates, and failing social support systems provide the evidence that demonstrate the need for healing.  Family of Choice is poised to meet the challenge and offers the model for all communities to follow suit.  The Indian community offers the Red Road to Wellbriety, and message is clear, they have begun the healing process.  Recognizing the need is only the beginning for other communities; the template is offered in Family of Choice to begin the healing process.  Stand up and choose to contribute by being present, and generously giving of yourself, your talents, and your unique life view point to impact others in need of family support.  Make a commitment and become a member of Family of Choice today.  Join this international social movement by spreading the word today to begin helping families heal.

Who Needs Family of Choice

  • Children in foster care
  • Military families who relocate
  • Single parent homes
  • College students away from home
  • People who relocate for job reasons
  • Elderly people who are alone
  • Individuals who have to separate from unhealthy family of origin
  • Disabled Individuals
  • Mentally Ill Individuals
  • International exchange students
  • People in recovery
  • Someone who left their homeland
  • Bereaving families
  • Caregivers in need of respite
  • Homeless individuals
  • Disenfranchised cultures
  • Victims of trauma
  • Veterans
  • And many, many countless others
Cautionary Note:  Family of Choice does not promote approaching strangers without adequate support. Meetings should always take place in a safe environment with other individuals present.  In order to help others you need to be safe and healthy, and the idea here is to create a healthy family of choice!
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Next Steps...

Begin family of choice coach training today by contacting Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., ND, CNHP, CMH, CADCI, ICADC, NCC, BCC at 541.221.3408 or 4drwellness@gmail.com.